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Our service

With many clients, a building project can be one of the largest purchases they ever make and most have little experience of the pitfalls involved. With the management experience we have gained over many years completing successful projects we are able to provide

  • a friendly, pro-active service that guides a client into making decisions at the right time, that are best value for money and that enhance the project.
  • reliability and quality with our own, directly employed, skilled workforce
  • customer satisfaction with our attention to detail and regular communication
  • a design service, helping you to achieve a preferred design and applying for the necessary permissions
  • no surprises – after our detailed quotation any additional works required will, in most cases, be priced for approval prior to works being carried out. Items that are not able to be priced prior to execution (where the full extent of work maybe unknown) will be valued as soon as possible after being completed. We believe that a client should be fully aware of the contents of a final account before it is presented.