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Health and Safety policy

Ryan and Collins Ltd. (the company) believes that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within its overall business plan – a good health and safety record goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards.
People are the most important asset to this company and therefore we are totally committed to ensuring their health, safety and welfare at all times.
From an economic point of view, the company believes that prevention is not only better, but cheaper than cure. There is no conflict between humanitarian and commercial consideration. Profits and safety are not in competition. On the contrary, safety is good business.
From a legal perspective, the company will comply with, and strive to go beyond, its legal duties in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and others affected by its activities. It will take positive action to ensure that other contractor’s employees, occupiers of premises and members of the public do not have their health and safety adversely affected by the work operations of the company. The only acceptable standard of health and safety, and for welfare facilities, will be full and proper compliance with the requirements of legislation.
The company will seek to ensure that each company with whom it contracts or subcontracts aspires to a similar high standard of health and safety management.
Our general intentions are:-
 To fully and effectively provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities, in cooperation with employees, other contractors, clients and other relevant parties.
 To consult with our employees, and others who work under our control, on matters affecting their health and safety to ensure that arrangements are effective and practical to implement.
 To ensure that all employees are competent to do their tasks and give them adequate training and information.
 To provide adequate resources, including sufficient finance, and access to competent health and safety advice to achieve the aims of this policy.
 To ensure that accident and ill health prevention is provided the highest priority, commensurate with business objectives, within all the company operations.
 To investigate lapses in health and/or safety performance and implement any remedial actions necessary to prevent their recurrence.
 To provide and maintain safe plant and equipment.
 To ensure safe handling, use and storage of substances and equipment and ensure that they are appropriate for their intended use.
 To maintain safe and healthy places of work.
 To review and revise this policy statement at regular intervals and where necessary due to changes in the company’s activities.