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Materials are only covered by the manufacturer’s guarantees which vary widely in lengths of time and terms. The length of guarantee does not always reflect the anticipated lifespan of a product. We endeavour to use products that have been tried and tested, offer value for money and remain effective and serviceable for reasonable periods. This does not effect your rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Listed below are some indications of typical guarantee periods.

Mechanical items and items with moving parts (taps, locks, fans etc.) normally have a 1 year guarantee.
Sealed glazing units carry a two year guarantee on the seal. Condensation and misting of sealed units is a natural and inevitable process that is nobody’s fault (after an initial mist free period). Some units may mist up after a couple of years other may last 20 years plus.

Bricks often have a 60 year guarantee, roof tiles may only have 15 years. Both of these are a long way short of the expected lifespan.
Built up felt roofing carries a 10 year guarantee although a lifespan of 20-30 years is not uncommon.

Some products will be delivered with a copy of the guarantee which we will leave with you, many others do not. Should you experience any problems with any of the products we have supplied for your extension and are not aware of the guarantee period please contact us for further information.